Carmine Red Aquarium Sand

Professional Grade Substrate for all Aquariums

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Carmine Red Aquarium Sand
Product Code
Pack Contents
Grain Size
0.4-1mm (Similar to granulated sugar in texture)
Natural Aquarium Sand in an exciting Carmine Red colour. Superior quality product presented in an eye catching, product reveal "grab bag". Designed both for the entry level fish keeper, and providing a colour statement without being overpowering in any aquarium.

Description & Application

Aquarium sand substrate coloured in an exciting Carmine Red colour.

Manufactured in the UK from top quality natural river sand which has been triple washed and carefully kiln dried before it is colour coated using an aquarium safe, non-toxic and durable polyurethane resin.

This together with smooth rounded particle shape and inert neutral balance in water makes this sand ideal both for the hobbyist and providing a colour statement without being overpowering in any aquarium.

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Packaging Specialist Substrates Packaging
Ergonomically designed, attention grabbing, gusseted pack allowing for maximum shelf stacking density and upright customer facing presentation. Unambiguous branding and high definition digital printing attests to the quality of the product, whilst the high strength "Grab Bag" with product reveal and carry handle allow for ease of customer selection and uplift.
Pack Size
200mm x 160mm x 90mm
Packs Per Outer
Outer Type
Recyclable cardboard
Outer Size
300mm x 300mm x 160mm
Outer Weight
Pack weight and barcode to product and outer

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